The ceiling of the house is one part of the house that is often used as a place for spiders to make their nests. The ceiling is a part of the house that is rarely touched, so it is only natural that spiders tend to choose the ceiling as a place to build their nests.

Even though cobwebs are not dangerous, if left for too long, the ceiling will look very dirty and make the impression that the house looks like a house without occupants and is scary. If you don’t want your house to be dirty and seem haunted, then you should clean the ceiling of your house regularly.

To clean the ceiling of the house, you can do the following ways.

Using Cleaning Tool

The ceiling of the house is the highest part of the room, so you need a special cleaning tool to reach it. Purchase a ceiling cleaning kit that is available at stores in your area. but if you want to save on expenses, then you can use makeshift equipment, namely by using a broom and duster that you can assemble by connecting them using bamboo or light poles to reach the ceiling.

Starting with Light Dirt

To start cleaning the ceiling of the house, you can start by cleaning light dirt such as cobwebs. Move the cleaning tool that you assembled earlier in a circular way to roll up all the cobwebs that are attached to the ceiling of the house. If there are stains on the ceiling of the house that you cannot clean using the tool, then apply it using a wet cloth.

Get to know the type of house ceiling

Get to know the type of ceiling or ceiling in your home because ceilings or ceilings made using different materials usually have different cleaning or maintenance methods. If you use the wrong method when cleaning the ceiling or ceiling of the house, there will be a risk that the stains on the ceiling appear to spread.

Those are some ways to clean the ceiling of the house to make it look clean and shiny. Clean the house regularly, don’t wait until there are a lot of stains or dirt because it will make people who come to visit your house judge that your house is not clean and unhealthy which can make people visiting your home feel afraid.