5 Reasons Why A Wooden House Is The Right Choice For You

A wooden house is probably a common sight if you are reading a magazine or taking a stroll into the country. But don’t be surprised if you see that the trend of wooden houses is starting to skyrocket lately. The wood material, which in fact is one of the basic materials for building this house, is currently in demand again. Therefore, Kania would like to invite all of you to thoroughly explore all the ins and outs of the wooden house. Come on, let’s dissect the wooden house together.

As the name implies, a wooden house is a house built using wood. Wooden houses always have a unique impression and elegant character compared to houses with other materials. In addition, wooden houses are also not cheap because wood materials are starting to become scarce and the price is high on the market. Today, many wooden houses are also built using elements of other materials such as glass, concrete or other building materials.

Modern wooden houses also don’t just take designs like houses in the countryside. With the right techniques and designs, wooden houses can also look modern, minimalist, to urban in style that fits the life of today’s society. Due to the elegant and quality wood material, the wooden house inevitably exudes a warm, natural and comfortable style all the time.

If you examine why this trend of wooden houses can be re-emerged, of course this cannot be separated from the personal tastes and preferences of each homeowner. Many individuals want their homes to look more unique and stand out than the brick wall houses in their neighborhood. There are also those who consider the concept of a wooden house to be the most ideal residence in getting comfort in the middle of a city full of hustle and bustle.

Whatever the reason, the trend of modern wooden houses is indeed beautiful and deserves attention. Kania is sure, most of you will agree that a modern wooden house is really interesting and stylish, right?

Wooden houses can not be separated from the pros and cons because of the main material. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses?

Advantages of Wooden House

Wood is a natural insulator and is a very effective material in preventing the conduction of heat. This means, a wooden house will save a lot of energy when compared to a house made of stone, concrete or brick. In addition to being a good temperature insulator, wooden houses also work very well at absorbing sound. As a result, the wooden house will feel warmer, calmer and suitable for relaxation.

More economical

The construction of a wooden house must be accompanied by extra careful planning. However, building a wooden house tends to be easier and faster than a house made of other materials such as stone or concrete which requires time from arrangement to painting. Because the construction of wooden houses is fast and easy, wooden houses become more economical and cost-effective.

It is undeniable that wooden houses are very environmentally friendly compared to other non-natural building materials. In addition, the wooden structure also actively helps the absorption and storage of carbon dioxide in the environment around the wooden house.

Sturdy and Strong

Despite its light weight, wooden houses are very durable. A wooden house made of high-quality materials will have a usability that is not inferior to a house made of concrete. Therefore, it is not uncommon for sports halls to use wood, including for walls and wooden floors as the main material. In addition, wooden houses also do not require much maintenance and can be repaired with a little manual repair.

Wood is a very beautiful decorative material and has its own character. Each wood material has its own color, design and pattern which, when applied to a wooden house, will create a residence with a high aesthetic value.

Weaknesses of a Wooden House

Changes in wood structure

Wood is a hygroscopic material, aka a material that is able to absorb moisture and has a moisture content that changes according to environmental conditions around it. Therefore, wood materials can shrink or expand depending on the extreme temperatures in the room. If the weather is too hot or humid, it is not uncommon for the structure of some wood materials to change from their original shape.

Biological damage to wood, among others, is caused by natural decay, fungi and insects. Because wood is an organic material, it is not uncommon for there to be biological impacts according to the shift in time. Complaints of fungus can generally be overcome with the right temperature balance, which is below 25 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, insect complaints such as termites can also be addressed early or periodically. Spraying of termite repellent and routine service can be done to prevent this biological damage.

Non-biological damage

Non-biological damage to wooden houses include weather, chemicals and fire. Wooden houses are not suitable if built in areas where the weather is too hot and the use of chemicals also tends to be applied more often to prevent biological damage such as mold and insects. In addition, wood is also more flammable than a house made of stone or concrete.

Minimalist or contemporary wooden houses do have a myriad of advantages and disadvantages as described previously. However, with proper handling and incorporation with other home materials, as well as with the right furniture, it is not uncommon for wooden houses to become ideal dwellings for their owners. The right way is to find a balance between the application of wood with other materials such as glass, brick and concrete at certain points, so that even a modern wooden house can be yours.

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