overcome cracked walls, you must know the cause first. Come on, see Kania’s review below to find out the various causes and how to deal with cracked walls that you may be experiencing!Various Causes of Cracked Walls There are various causes of cracked walls. At least, there are six most common things that can make walls crack, namely:

1. LocationThe location of the residence is basically one of the causes of cracked walls. Some locations that are prone to triggering cracked walls are the land of former rice fields and swamps. Wet soil texture will make the wall not stand firmly so that cracks appear. It is different with dwellings located on dry land.

In Indonesia, there are many types of materials to build walls. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Materials with less durability will certainly increase the risk of cracked walls. Until now, red brick material is still the strongest compared to other wall materials.

3. Natural DisastersEarthquakes and floods are one of the causes of cracked walls. Shocks that come from underground can shake the foundation of a house, causing the walls to crack, and even collapse. Likewise with floods. Strong water pressure and pushing against each other from all directions can trigger cracks.

  1. Less Perfect Filling and Plastering Process Aci and plaster are the process of perfecting the wall before it is coated with paint. The goal is that the walls have a smooth texture and flat surface. The process of filling and plastering should ideally be done gradually and wait until the layer underneath is completely dry. Unfortunately, this takes a long time so some people don’t wait for it to dry completely. Usually, cracked walls that arise due to imperfections in this process are mild. However, of course this should be avoided and if it occurs must be addressed immediately.
  2. Expanding and Weathering Wood FramesWood material will expand and rot with age. Due to changes in the shape of the wood material on the frame, be it window or door frames, the wall will indirectly crack because it loses its ‘support’. The cause of cracked walls on this one is often not realized by residential owners. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the condition of the house regularly.
  3. Structures Not Comparable to Building you planning to increase the number of residential floors? In that case, consider strengthening the structure of the building too! The reason is, there are many residential owners who carry out home renovations carelessly. The addition of a floor without strengthening the building structure can cause the walls to crack due to the load being borne heavier. Not only cracked walls, this one cause can also make the dwelling collapse.If you find a crack in the wall, immediately take the first steps to fix it. In the case of a lightly cracked wall, you can apply several methods. First of all, prepare a wall-filler and paint the walls. This wall-filler is ready to use. You just need to shoot it at the cracks in the cracked walls.Follow the directions on the package, then wait for it to dry completely. Don’t forget to level it with the surrounding wall surface. After that, paint using the same color as the rest of the walls.For the case of a deep cracked wall, use a mixture of cement and sand. First, first clean the dust and remaining cement in the cracks. Then, make a mixture of cement and sand in a ratio of 5:1.Add water according to the directions for each brand of cement. Apply the dough into the crack in the wall. If it is dry, apply paintingpaint on the surface of the wall. Then, paint the walls as usual.