6 Simple Minimalist Fence Models for Homes

Hi,at the end of February this time the inspiration for the fadad section on “So cool! Take a look at these 6 beautiful simple minimalist fence models” will be shared especially for you.

As we know the front of the house / facade is always the first sight when people see. The reflection of the owner of the house can be seen from the front without having to look inside. So not infrequently the decoration of the front of the house really needs to be considered.

This is none other than paying attention to the use of a fence that fits and fits the concept of your home. With the right design, the facade will look more modern and more trendy.

This simple minimalist fence model uses materials that are commonly found at a fairly affordable price. The brick material as a permanent fence is combined with an iron trellis which is quite a trend in all types of houses. With a simple design, this vertical and horizontal iron fence was chosen to be 1.8 m high to maintain the security of the occupants of the unique and more open house.

Simple minimalist fence model from natural wood

The natural and soothing impression can be seen from the following house facade. Choose a simple minimalist fence model with neatly arranged logs using an iron frame for a more modern look. This random arrangement of logs is enough to provide privacy in the house and more freedom when doing activities. Add it with outdoor plants outside the fence to give a more dominant natural impression.

Minimalist fence model of natural stone and iron

Matte impression of the facade with this simple minimalist fence model. The neutral atmosphere resulted from the use of natural stone as a unique and attractive permanent fence. This natural stone that has a rough and sturdy look can be coated with a coating for resistance to all extreme weather. As access, you can choose a sliding iron fence for convenience and harmony between the exterior of the house which is quite symmetrical to look beautiful.

Elegant minimalist iron hollow fence model

Showing a beautiful house can be started from the facade. One of them chooses this minimalist fence model from hollow iron material that looks elegant and more charming. An open impression can be obtained because the height of the fence is only 1.5 m for the atmosphere to blend in with neighbors more easily. To make it more aesthetic, you can try to apply exterior lights at several points as lighting at night is more aesthetic.

Minimalist white iron minimalist fence model

So that the visuals displayed by the facade of the house are more beautiful, this simple minimalist fence model can be the solution. This minimalist look with a combination of white iron fences and stones and natural stones makes the house more attractive. With the fence boundary that is not too high, the fresh air can change well and you can feel an open atmosphere.

Minimalist fence model with wood plank

The following minimalist fence model uses a wood plank with a more beautiful combination of bricks. This wood plank fence is designed with a medium size for the impression of privacy and a bit more open. Especially with the decorative touch of plants that make the facade more beautiful and refreshing. It’s even more beautiful and makes the neighbors stare!