5 Reasons Why A Wooden House Is The Right Choice For You

A wooden house is probably a common sight if you are reading a magazine or taking a stroll into the country. But don’t be surprised if you see that the trend of wooden houses is starting to skyrocket lately. The wood material, which in fact is one of the basic materials for building this house, is currently in demand again. Therefore, Kania would like to invite all of you to thoroughly explore all the ins and outs of the wooden house. Come on, let’s dissect the wooden house together.

As the name implies, a wooden house is a house built using wood. Wooden houses always have a unique impression and elegant character compared to houses with other materials. In addition, wooden houses are also not cheap because wood materials are starting to become scarce and the price is high on the market. Today, many wooden houses are also built using … Read More

The Room Is So Noisy Because The House Is On The Side Of The Road? Do This!

Having a house on the side of the road, one of the problems that is usually experienced is noisy with the noise on the street. Starting from the sound of motorbikes, cars, to other noises that often disturb us who are still in the house. Especially if our room is right on the side of the road, it can be noisy for 24 hours. But don’t worry girls, we can try to reduce the noise on the street so it doesn’t sound right in our room.

Use wall cladding

Walls are an important element when you are trying to make a soundproof bedroom.
Upholstery is the right solution to overcome this. Upholstered walls are a great way to reduce noise bouncing around the room. As an alternative, you can use a velvet wall covering. But if the bedroom is equipped with wallpaper, you don’t need to coat it again.


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How to get rid of mice without leaving the carcass at home,

How to get rid of mice with vinegar

Rats are the most unwanted animal in the house besides cockroaches.

Because if there are mice in the house, there must be food or things that have been bitten.

Not to mention the mice that often live on the roof of the house often make noise when we sleep.

Not only annoying, rats can also spread germs and disease.

To solve this problem, you might think about setting up traps or poison as a way to repel mice or kill them.

However, poison and traps will cause a new problem, namely the smelly and annoying rat carcass!

Instead of solving problems, they create new problems because we hate to throw them away.


You can use pepper that is used for cooking to kill rats at home.

This is because rats do not like the spicy aroma that comes out of peppercorns.… Read More