Present a Healthy Home By Maximizing Air Ventilation

Did you know that the house must have good air circulation? In addition to making the atmosphere comfortable, air circulation also has various benefits for the human body. Starting from strengthening the immune system, making the lungs cleaner, to improving heart and brain health. Therefore, the presence of home ventilation and air ventilation is very important to think about.

Ventilation is a component in the house that functions to replace the dirty air in the room with clean air from outside. The presence of ventilation in the house is very important. To the extent that, the Ministry of Health also made a rule for healthy house criteria, in which there must be 10{889f11dd78af44195e99a8a45806d98ad1fa7f272d11f4c6d22b45f5e75dcb8c} ventilation of the existing floor area.

There are two types of ventilation that you can use at home. First, natural ventilation that utilizes air in and out through windows or doors. Second, artificial ventilation that uses tools such as fans to help air exchange in your home. Although there are two options that can be used, it would be better if you increase natural ventilation rather than artificial.

Not only being a place for air exchange, ventilation also has several benefits for your home. The presence of air vents serves to remove pollution in the house, such as when you cook. With good ventilation, smoke will come out easily and the air in the house will be fresher. In addition, the presence of home ventilation can also suppress the spread of diseases, especially those that can be transmitted through air contact. And of course, natural ventilation will also make it easier for sunlight to enter the house, so the atmosphere is fresher.

7 Types of Home Ventilation

There are several types of ventilation that you can apply at home. Each of these ventilation certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose and adjust which type to apply to certain rooms.

1. Industrial Ventilation

Have you ever been intrigued by an object resembling a dome that rotates above the factory? Well, that’s what is called industrial ventilation. This ventilation application aims to expel the dirty air from industrial waste to the outside. However, this type of ventilation is not suitable for use at home because it consumes a fairly high wattage. However, for industrial needs such as factories or restaurants, this ventilation can be the right choice.

2. Exhaust Ventilation

If you are familiar with exhaust fans, this is what is called exhaust ventilation. This type has a shape like a fan, but has a different function, namely sucking dirty air in the room without natural ventilation. Well, you can use this type in the bathroom area.

3. Wall Ventilation

If exhaust ventilation can only work in one direction, it is different with wall ventilation which can work both ways. This type can expel air inside the room, but also channel fresh air from outside. Therefore, it is not surprising if this ventilation is often used in rooms without windows or in the kitchen.

4. Loster Air Vent

Loster is a traditional type of ventilation made of cement and ceramic or concrete. Generally, losters are arranged in one of the wall areas in the house to form natural ventilation holes. Not only can it channel air, the loster application can also add aesthetics to your room, you know!

5. Jalusi Ventilation

Ventilation of this one house is rectangular with sections as a way for air to enter the house. Usually, jalousie is made of wood or aluminum and is very suitable for homes with minimalist designs.

6. Nako Glass Ventilation

This ventilation can be said to be one of the favorites of the Indonesian people. Besides being able to be applied to any home style, Nako glass ventilation can also provide extra air circulation and add to the beauty of the appearance of your home.

7. Boven ventilation

If Nako glass ventilation is a prima donna for the exterior area of ​​​​the house, you can often find this one in the interior area. Yes, boven is a type of small ventilation that is usually placed above the door in a room. This type comes in various shapes, ranging from square, rectangular, round, and others. So, you just have to adjust it to your taste, yes!