Fight blight with Whole Home Repairs

Among Pennsylvania’s many distinctions, the commonwealth has one of the nation’s oldest housing stocks — half of all homes in the state were built before 1959. These old buildings are brimming with architectural character, but redbrick rowhomes and majestic Victorians require lots of maintenance and can be difficult to retrofit to modern sustainable standards. Some residences have dangerous amounts of mold or leadwhich can cause health issues for occupants.

The high cost of updating these homes can cause displacement, demolition, and blight, which destabilizes families and can lead to a broader set of issues in neighborhoods. According to a recent poll of Pennsylvania voters from Data for Progress, a third of respondents said they could not afford their energy bills, and half said they would struggle to afford a critical repair. A quarter have outstanding critical repairs because they can’t pay for them.

In response, State Sen. Nikil

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Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is officially upon us! There is a lot to do around the house if you haven’t already. Our homes take a beating in the fall and winter months, making spring and summer the best time to clean up and do some repairs. Also, living in Texas, we need to prepare our homes for the harsh summer heat. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Interior

· Change air filters and clean vents.

A good rule of thumb is to change your air filter at the beginning of every month, or at least every other month. The dust and dirt from outdoors easily make their way into our homes and circulates through our vents. Yuck! A clean air filter and vent will help to keep your family and home healthy. And a dirty filter causes poor air flow to the air conditioner (A/C), which left untreated could

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Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board

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Wang and his lab group applied eco-pleasant processes to scale back power consumption and related prices. Our students go on to attend the nation’s top graduate faculties and pursue careers at trade-leading organizations and corporations. Mechanical engineering has a program particularly for helping younger engineers talk nicely. Several college positions are open for work in robotics and nuclear engineering. The Energy Transport Research Lab is directed by Dr. Nenad Miljkovic. Our lab’s research intersects the multidisciplinary fields of thermo-fluid sciences, interfacial phenomena, and renewable vitality.


EMI typically works with industrial and transportation sectors who operate methods and networks which might be should-run and place a excessive priority on security. They insist on reliable, properly-designed buildings to soundly improve their operation. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you’re a human and provides you short-term entry to the online property.

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