Renovation of ancient house into minimalism is actually in great demand. However, you should plan carefully. Because planning something is important to measure the costs you have. The more rooms that are renovated, of course, it will cost a lot too. If you choose a minimalist concept, you can start little by little to renovate. This is so that the house does not have the impression of being ancient or old school. The following are tips for renovating an ancient house to be minimalist:

Ancient House

Make Repairs First

Before you change the concept of the ancient house, it would be nice to repair the existing damage. For example, the roof is leaking or something else. Make improvements to the maximum so that later if you decorate it is not in vain. If it has been repaired as a whole, you can carry out renovations from one part to another.

Doing Wall Renovations

It is also important for you to do renovations on the walls of the house. There are 2 ways that can be done, namely repainting, or by pasting wallpaper. This method can reduce costs to be more efficient. As an alternative, you can choose an industrial style with an exposed brick wall finish or just wash it. For those of you who are creative, you can decorate the walls with hand creations. You can paste newsprint as an embossed wall texture before painting. Otherwise, you can paint the sides of the walls using pop art or abstract images. In this way, the renovation of an ancient house into a minimalist will be realized.

Change Room Interior

If the old house usually has old-fashioned furniture, you have to replace it. There are two options, namely buying new furniture or repairing old furniture. If you choose to buy a new one, you should adjust it to the minimalist concept of a contemporary home. You can add sofa cushions, a new carpet with a bright color or something else. Meanwhile, if you choose to repair old furniture, make some interesting changes. Repaint cabinets, kitchen sets, or other furniture.

Change Fence House

Usually the old house fence is high, but if you don’t feel comfortable you can change it. Replace the lower fence to make your house more visible. Add painting with a bright color. You can do the renovation of an ancient house into a minimalist one. Even though your budget is limited, you can get renovation results that don’t disappoint.