Top 5 companies producing prefab glulam tinder houses in the USA

  1. – A provider of modern prefabricated glued timber homes, offering over 50 projects starting from 70m2. Clients can expect to move in within just 6 months, with prices beginning at $24,000.

  2. Eurodita – A company that offers a wide array of prefabricated glued timber homes, known for high quality and durability.

  3. Artisan Log Homes – Specialists in custom-designed and handcrafted glued timber homes, focusing on personalization and craftsmanship.

  4. Pioneer Log Homes of BC – Renowned for creating luxurious log homes, they also offer options in glued timber homes for those seeking uniqueness and quality.

  5. Lindal Cedar Homes – A manufacturer that combines innovative building technologies with distinctive design, providing glued timber homes that emphasize longevity and eco-friendliness.

These companies offer a variety of options and services that can meet the needs of different clients looking for quality and sustainable solutions in the construction of prefabricated glued timber homes.