How to get rid of mice with vinegar

Rats are the most unwanted animal in the house besides cockroaches.

Because if there are mice in the house, there must be food or things that have been bitten.

Not to mention the mice that often live on the roof of the house often make noise when we sleep.

Not only annoying, rats can also spread germs and disease.

To solve this problem, you might think about setting up traps or poison as a way to repel mice or kill them.

However, poison and traps will cause a new problem, namely the smelly and annoying rat carcass!

Instead of solving problems, they create new problems because we hate to throw them away.


You can use pepper that is used for cooking to kill rats at home.

This is because rats do not like the spicy aroma that comes out of peppercorns.

You just sprinkle pepper in the corner of the house and the rats are guaranteed not to come again.

Used tea bags

You might not think that you can get rid of mice by relying on old tea bags.

The rodent apparently doesn’t like the smell that comes out of used tea bags, you know.

So, if you put a wet tea bag in any area of ​​the house, the mice will run away and won’t come back.

Coffee powder

Yes, the third is coffee grounds.

Rats don’t like the pungent smell that comes out of coffee grounds.

To get rid of them, all you need to do is sprinkle coffee grounds in areas frequented by rats.

Aluminum foil

To repel mice, you can use aluminum foil which is often used for cooking.

Rats do not like aluminum foil because of its shape and sound that dominates.

You just need to place aluminum foil in a round shape in the corner of the house to repel mice.


Maybe not many know, butter can repel mice from the house.

Quoting from Boldsky, butter has a sticky nature that can make mice entangled.

In addition, butter can also be used as bait so that rats want to get closer to the trap.

How to get rid of mice with butter is very easy.

Just prepare a tablespoon of butter and place it near the mousetrap.

After that, the rats will immediately approach and get trapped in the trap.

Then the second way you can prepare butter and a little torn cardboard.

Then you can apply butter to the entire surface of the cardboard.

Put it on the path that mice usually walk.

Guaranteed after that the mouse will be trapped and you can easily throw it out of the house.